Umóⁿhoⁿ Level 1 Audio CD

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Umóⁿhoⁿ Ïye-wathe! Let's Speak Umóⁿhoⁿ! Level 1 UmóⁿhoⁿAudio CD is the audio component of the the Level 1 textbook. Designed as a companion product to the textbook, it provides an important aural dimension to the textbook, especially in areas of word pronunciation and phrase inflection. Narrated by trained Umóⁿhoⁿ educators, the CD provides exceptionally clear and appropriately paced narration. The Audio CD covers vocabulary and dialogue in all Units. Particularly useful for students as well as teachers, the CD assists in forming good language speaking habits and helps reinforce Umóⁿhoⁿ vocabulary.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review