Mandan Level 1 Audio CD

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**Free for MHA tribal members only.  All others contact us at or 1-888-525-6828 to place an order**  Nųʔeta róota! - Speak Mandan! Level 1 Audio CD is the audio component of the Level 1 textbook. It is designed as a companion to the textbook and provides an important aural dimension, important for word pronunciation. Narrated by trained Mandan educators, the CD provides exceptionally clear and appropriately-paced narration both from male and female speakers and among different age speakers. The L1 Audio CD covers vocabulary and dialogue in all Units from 1 to 24. Particularly useful for students as well as teachers.

This item is currently unavailable through our site. For ordering information for this item, please contact the Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Education Department at 701-627-4113.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review