Lakota Berenstain Bears-Mathó Waúnsila Thiwáhe DVD Vol. 1

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Now Shipping: the Limited Edition DVD Set of  "Mathó Waúnšila Thiwáhe" Vol. 1

20 Episodes • Includes 12-page episode guide
Voices from the Standing Rock, Cheyenne River, Pine Ridge, and Rosebud communities and reflects all local dialects.

This 20-episode Lakota language edition of the Berenstain Bears is a first of its kind. The objective of this innovative TV series is to not only to entertain Lakota children of all ages, but most importantly to do so in a manner that will allow them to absorb their own language through culturally relevant storylines and characters.

Now Shipping the Lakota Berenstain Bears Vol. 1- DVD, with 12-page episode guide

Mama and Papa Bear raise their two cubs in the beautiful countryside community of Bear Country. Many neighbors are furry friends that join in on life's lessons for the sibling cubs. Brother Bear loves soccer and dinosaurs, Sister Bear loves to jump-rope. Together they learn about family roles and relationships.

20 - 13:30 minute Episodes

  • 1a Trouble At School
  • 1b Visit the Dentist
  • 2a Mighty Milton
  • 2b Mama’s New Job
  • 3a Go To School
  • 3b A Week at Grandma’s
  • 4a Trouble With Pets
  • 4b The Sitter
  • 5a Too Much TV
  • 5b Trick or Treat
  • 6a Trouble With Money
  • 6b Double Dare
  • 7a Out For the Team
  • 7b Count Their Blessings
  • 8a Slumber Party
  • 8b Homework Hassle
  • 9a The Talent Show
  • 9b The Haunted Lighthouse
  • 10a The Birthday Boy
  • 10b The Green Eyed Monster


(No reviews yet) Write a Review