About Us

Our Vison

The Language Conservancy’s vision is to save the maximum number of endangered languages in the Americas and the world, to become the global provider of language revitalization support, to become a beacon of hope to thousands of language communities, and to inspire worldwide action.

Our Mission

We believe that all languages have an inherent right to exist - that they are valued and irreplaceable facets of a people’s culture and of humanity’s linguistic heritage. The Language Conservancy (TLC) is dedicated to rescuing the world’s ever-increasing number of endangered languages, restoring them to stability and health, and safeguarding them for future generations. The Language Conservancy helps prevent the extinction of languages by raising funds, by increasing the international public awareness of the language-loss crisis, creating language tools to preserve the culture, and by providing support to organizations and communities engaged in revitalizing their languages.

Our Crucial Role in Providing a Solution

The Language Conservancy achieves its mission by providing urgently needed revitalization services by supporting endangered Native American languages through grants and technical assistance. The Language Conservancy (TLC) also educates the public on the problem of language loss and the importance of language diversity through its fundraising and public relations work. There is still much work to be done before the American public and world become aware of the extent of the language crisis, the urgent need for a solution, and the finality of their destruction if nothing is done. Public silence on language-loss will only conclude in a permanent silence for endangered languages.

Our Goals

The Language Conservancy (TLC) revitalizes Native American languages from each language family by providing a new major source of grants and technical support to Native communities and organizations, while also pursuing a systematic public education and fundraising campaign among the general population – exposing the nation to this silent crisis. It achieves this by fulfilling its fundraising goals which provide a sustainable source of language revitalization programming support.